Download 1,200 new free 2K HDRIs from MattePaint

MattePaint’s Online Matte Reference Library has already released 1200 new versions of free HDRI skies.

The files consisting in this library – the lowest resolution versions of the seven most recent commercial MattePaint HDRI sequences, have been provided in 2000 x 1000 pixel EXR format and are licensed for usage in commercial area.

More than 1200 panoramic HDRI sky patterns acting during different times of day and weather conditions.
The new files, as with MattePaint’s previous set of over 2,600 free 2K sky images, come from the website’s commercial HDRI sky library.
Each of the seven time-lapse sequences, from which they are taken, was filmed over the course of several hours, starting with the sun at 40 to 50 degrees and finishing with it below the horizon.

The resulting 360-degree HDRIs have a dynamic range of 41 EV (Exposure Values) and are available in resolutions up to 50K, with the free resources being the 2K versions.
The sequences include 150-200 separately settled HDRIs and include a range of weather conditions from clear skies up to heavy clouds.

Availability and system requirements
Free MattePaint sky HDRIs are provided as 2,000 x 1,000 pixel EXR files, as well as LDR JPG versions, in the case if they are used as backplates. They have been licensed for usage in commercial projects.

As you can see below, we’re based on a Google Drive folder, which contains all seven HDRI sequences, but in the case, if you meet some problems when accessing the files, you can also download each sequence separately from the MattePaint website.

High-resolution HDRI skies of MattePaint’s program are available with a paid subscription up to 50,000 pixels wide. During the period of writing process, the subscriptions price will cost between $19 and $49 per month.

Download MattePaint’s 1,200 new free 2K HDRIs from Google Drive

Visit the MattePaint website

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