AI-Powered NVIDIA 3D MoMa

The NVIDIA company released a new video that demonstrates the NVIDIA 3D MoMa. This is a a new method developed by the company, which gives Architects, Designers, Concept Artists, and Game Developers opportunity to import as quickly as possible an object into a graphics engine, having an aim to begin the work processing with it. According to the company, NVIDIA 3D MoMa is able to extract 3D objects from 2D images and after to turn them into triangle mesh models, which are directly cooresponding with the 3D graphics engines.

In order to demonstrate the power of MoMa, the company’s team has collected 100 images of five jazz band instruments, such as a trumpet, s trombone, a saxophone, a drum set, and a clarinet and all these – from various angles. After that, they turned them into 3D meshes using MoMa and edited them using Omniverse.

According to David Luebke, the Vice President of Graphics Research at NVIDIA; “The NVIDIA 3D MoMa rendering pipeline uses the machinery of modern AI and the raw computational horsepower of NVIDIA GPUs to quickly produce 3D objects that creators can import, edit, and extend without limitation in existing tools By, and do it due to formulating every piece of the inverse rendering problem as a GPU-accelerated differentiable component.

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