Porco Rosso • Savioa S.21

One of my favorite directors Hayao Miyazaki’s creation Porco Rosso ‘s plane Savioa S.21! ✨ It was challenging and so much fun to work on it and after 70 hours of modeling, I’ve finished this beatiful vessel. ?

Porco Rosso is one of the few films directed by Hayao Miyazaki in which the historical and geographical settings are clearly defined and where most of the story could have happened in the real world.Marco is an Italian hero from the First World War and is shown fighting against Austro-Hungarian fighter planes in a flashback sequence. The story is set in Milan, the Adriatic Sea east coast between Dalmatian and Kvarner islands, and a fictionalized city of Fiume after its annexation to fascist Italy and Northern Italy. The concealed beach Porco uses as a hideout bears a strong resemblance to Stiniva, an inlet on the southern side of the Croatian island of Vis.

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