Howler 2022

Previously represented two decades ago, Howler is a digital creation tool both for digital painting and generally for content.

The main advantage of the software is the imitation of traditional painting, but there are mentioned some unexpected functioning sets, ranging from landscape generation and particle manipulation, up to video editing and rotoscoping.
Among the new features of Howler 2023 is mentioned a new system of background images visualizing of the sky due to volumetric clouds.

The function, which has replaced the old Sky filter, can generate different types of clouds in a different conditions and at different times of the day, as we can see in the demo video above.

Among the other innovations there are new one-, two-, and three-point perspective guides, that help you to work with your image, as well as updates to the Howler noise tools and the filter Europe, which generates shape networks with characteristic cracks.

Among the improvements of work process there is a new “undo” browser, as well as – the ability to select a preferred functioning processor for GPU-accelerated features, and color palette updates.

Howler 2023 is available only for Windows. The price recommended by the designer is $76.99, but the software is usually available for $46.99 or less.

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